Vote By Mail



Any registered suburban Cook County voter may request a mail ballot using this online application. Once we verify your registration and process your application, we will send a paper ballot to the mailing address you designate in your application. The deadline to apply is five days before an election.




Applications for mail ballots are no longer being accepted. The deadline to apply was April 1.


There are still two ways to cast your ballot.

1.  You may vote early at one of 53 sites until Monday, April 5.
2. On Election Day, Tuesday April 6, polls are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Use the "
Voter Information" tool to find your polling place and see a sample ballot.


If we do not have your driver's license/state ID or your Social Security number on file, you will not be able to complete this application online unless you update your voter registration by calling 312.603.0946. Incomplete registrations are most common for voters who have been registered at the same address for 20 years or more.

Ballot Integrity: Unless you require assistance, do not let anyone else mark your ballot; do not let anyone force or coerce you into voting for any candidate; and do not let anyone, other than a close relative or authorized messenger, mail, deliver or handle your voted ballot.

Please note: Making a false statement to obtain a mail ballot or soliciting someone to do so is considered vote fraud, a criminal offense punishable by up to five years in prison. Call 312.603.0942 to report vote fraud.

Download a Mail Ballot Application

If you do not have one of the online application requirements, or if you prefer to apply on paper, you may download, print and sign a mail ballot application and send it to the Cook County Clerk's office.

Mail Ballot Applications for the April 6, 2021 Consolidated Election














Apply as early as possible to make sure you receive your ballot in time to vote. Your ballot must be postmarked no later than Election Day and received at the Cook County Clerk's office within 14 days after Election Day.

If you apply using a paper form, the Clerk's office will verify your eligibility and compare the signature on your application against the signature on your voter registration record before issuing a ballot. If you apply online, the system verifies your eligibility with the data you provide. Regardless of how you apply, the signature on your ballot will be compared against the signature in your voter file before your ballot is counted.

Live outside of suburban Cook County?

For voters outside suburban Cook County, please visit your city or county’s website for more information.

For more information: