Clerk Karen Yarbrough Demonstrates New Electronic Voter Check-In Equipment for June 28 Primary

Press Release

The Cook County Clerk’s Office is introducing new pollbook devices for the upcoming Illinois Gubernatorial Primary Election that will eliminate the outdated paper checkin process for voters by using digital devices that will provide uniform electronic voter check-in and signature verification, Clerk Karen A. Yarbrough announced Thursday.

The Clerk’s Office has purchased 4,500 of the new ePollbook voter check-in devices. These stand-alone systems will use a secure Apple iPad and application to facilitate the check-in of voters at all polling place locations in suburban Cook County during Early Voting and on Election Day – June 28.

“These devices will help tremendously in streamlining the voting process by
eliminating the need for bulky paper polling books or dated hardware and old ePollbooks,” said Yarbrough. “We fully expect that these ePollbooks will improve the voting experience for both voters and Elections Judges -- and make the voting
process more efficient, secure, and enjoyable.”

The individual systems are equipped to pull up the individual voter’s registration information, verify their signature, and make sure that they are issued the proper ballot on Election Day. They can also register voters right at the polls and even text or print off instructions for a voter’s Election Day precinct if they are at the wrong polling place.

As cyber security threats persist, and voter confidence is more important than ever, Yarbrough noted that the Clerk’s Office is pleased that suburban Cook County voters will have the next generation of pollbooks with enhanced capabilities and a greater voter experience.


The Clerk’s Office is also issuing a call for Election Day poll workers. Election Judges earn $200 for Election Day, while Polling Place Technicians get $365. Interested candidates can apply online at

The Clerk’s Office also reminds suburban voters of some important upcoming dates heading toward the June 28 Gubernatorial Primary Election.

  • June 1 – June 27: Voter Registration and Early Voting at suburban Cook County Courthouses as well as 69 W. Washington in downtown Chicago.
  • June 12: Last day to register to vote by online application.
  • June 13 – June 27: Expanded Early Voting at more than 50 locations in suburban Cook County as well as 69 W. Washington and Union Station in downtown Chicago.
  • June 23: Last day to apply for a Mail Ballot.
  • June 28: Election Day/Last day Mail Ballots can be postmarked.


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