Clerk Yarbrough releases 2021 Directory of Elected Officials

Press Release
2021 Cook County Directory of Elected Officials

Cook County Clerk Karen A. Yarbrough has released the 2021 edition of the Directory of Elected Officials (DOEO) – a multiplatform, comprehensive resource that provides updated contact information for all federal, state, county, municipal, and local elected officials in Chicago and suburban Cook County.

Each voter in Cook County is represented by officials on many levels, from U.S. Senator and County Commissioner to Park District and School Board Trustee, and the directory is designed to provide residents with the information they need to contact their representatives at all levels of government, according to Yarbrough.

“No matter where you live in Cook County, this directory has you covered, at every level of government,” Yarbrough said. “This is a direct line to democracy and everyone from members of the media to elected officials and the constituents we serve will find this to be a valuable resource.”

The directory provides the name of each official, the office they hold, when they were last elected, when the next election for their office will be held, their office address and phone numbers, as well as website, email address and social media accounts.

“The importance of the vote in our democracy means nothing if elected officials are not accessible and accountable to the voters we serve,” Yarbrough said. “I hope the public will find this directory a useful and beneficial resource to continue to make our community and our democracy better for all those represented.”

An online version of the directory is available on the Clerk’s website at Residents can also locate the elected officials that represent their household by searching by their address, or by using the name or level of government of the official they are seeking to contact.