Official November 6 Suburban Cook County Election Results Now Online

Press Release

Mail Voting Surpasses the 2016 Presidential Record

Official November 6, 2018 Gubernatorial Election results for suburban Cook County are now available online.

Today is the deadline for county clerks to finish canvassing the election results and certifying them  to the Illinois State Board of Elections, which in turn certifies statewide results by December 7.

After the November 6 Election, the Cook County Clerk’s office continued working hard to count all ballots, updating election results 12 times during the process. “Modern elections last more than a month, with voting that starts weeks before Election Day and counting that ends weeks after Election Day,” Clerk David Orr said. “We work diligently until every ballot is counted.”

Voting before Election Day – by mail, or during Early Voting and Grace Period Voting – grew to more than 41.7 percent of the total turnout this election, up from 26.7 percent in 2014.

Suburban voters also surpassed the record of 87,987 mail ballots cast – set in the 2016 Presidential – with 95,105 ballots received by the Clerk’s office.

Mail ballots were eligible to be counted if they were postmarked by November 6 and received by November 20, according to state statute.

Suburban Cook County – Gubernatorial General Election Turnout

  Year  Registered Voters    Ballots Cast     Percent Turnout  
  1998         1,262,137       680,917           53.9%
  2002         1,365,947       697,872           51.1%
  2006         1,370,230       680,696           49.7%
  2010         1,370,186       719,090           52.5%
  2014         1,398,724       696,403           49.8%
  2018         1,587,447       883,457           55.7%

Suburban Cook County election results can be viewed online or with this PDF. Please note the download feature allows you to open an Excel document with precinct and township data by contest.