About the Clerk of the Board and FAQs

The Clerk of the Board records the activity of the Cook County Board of Commissioners by preparing board agendas and post-meeting reports, as well as maintaining County Board records.

County Board meetings are held in the County Board Room of the County Building, 118 N. Clark Street, 5th Floor, Chicago, IL 60602.

For information about testifying before the Cook County Board or regarding matters pending before Board committees, visit the Secretary to the Board or call (312) 603-6127. Watch live video of the Cook County Board Meetings here

For information regarding court-related matters, visit the Clerk of the Circuit Court online or call (312) 603-5030.



Q: How do I testify before the Cook County Board?

A: Visit the Secretary to the Board or call (312) 603-6127 for more information.

Q: How do I put something on the County Board agenda?

The public cannot petition to place items on the County Board’s agenda.