Vote Local Campaign

On April 4, 2017 elections will take place in approximately 128 municipalities and 145 school districts in suburban Cook County.

The decisions made by local public officials impact our lives every day.

With the upcoming Consolidated Election on April 4, the Clerk's office has a new initiative highlighting to local voters the importance of their vote, especially when it comes to the governing of their own communities. This campaign is centered around the phrase “Be Vocal. #VoteLocal.” In ads and videos, Clerk Yarbrough’s office stresses to eligible voters that so many parts of their everyday lives, be it the crossing guard at the local school, the village animal shelter where families adopt their new best friends, or the first responders who always answer the call, are all affected by the budgets set by local units of government.

When voters take part in their local elections, they are part of the decision-making process. When concerned and engaged citizens take the first steps to run for office, they’re helping generate interest among voters and contributing to the vitality of our democratic process.

On this page you'll find the resources that comprise this campaign and information you need to spread the word to your communities to "Be Vocal. #VoteLocal."

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