Business / Notary

The Clerk’s office registers business names known as “assumed names” for new businesses in accordance with Illinois law.  In addition, Cook County Vital Records mail out Notary Public Commission Certificates approved by the Illinois Secretary of State.

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Assumed Business Name Registration ($50)

An assumed name is issued to any business entity that uses a name other than the name(s) of the individual(s) who own or operate the business. For example, a business called "John Jones, P.C." (i.e. owner's full name and title) does not have to file an assumed name, but "Jones Wrecking" does.

The Clerk's office also allows the public to search for businesses and owners by name, address or registration number.


Notary Commissions

Becoming a notary is a multi-step process beginning with the application from the Secretary of State’s office and ending with the commission certificate being mailed from the Cook County Clerk.

The Illinois Secretary of State’s office processes all Notary Public Applications, Notary Signatures, and issues Certificates of Authority.  You can print a notary public application at ILSOS.GOV or call (217) 782-7017.


Commission Certificates Delivery

  • The Cook County Clerk’s office will mail out the Commission Certificates to Notary Public customers.
  • Duplicate copies of the Commission Certificates are obtained from the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office.