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The Clerk's Office is now offering the Cook County Military and Veterans Discount Card via mail.

To register by mail, the following is required to be completed:

Fill out and submit the Online Military and Veterans Discount Card Application.

Submit via mail:

Cook County Clerk's Office
Attn: Veterans Services
118 North Clark Street, Room 120
Chicago, Illinois 60602-1387

  • One Color, head shot photo
  • One of the following, proof of service
    - DD-214
    - VA ID
    - CAC Card
  • Retired Military ID

Also, if submitting a DD-214, enclose one copy of the following government issued ID’s:

  • Valid Driver’s License
  • State ID
  • Passport
  • CAC Card
  • VA ID

Once all required documents have been received, the Clerk's Office will process the information submitted and send you the Military and Veterans Discount Card, entitling you to discounts at over 200 merchants in Cook County.

What is the Cook County Military and Veterans Discount Program? 
The Military and Veterans Discount Program is authorized by the Cook County Board of Commissioners, and jointly administered by the Cook County Clerk's Office and the Cook County Department of Veterans Affairs. The purpose is to create a network of businesses across Cook County who offer military and veterans discounts and provide a County-issued ID card to identify eligible residents to those vendors. This public-private partnership is a small way to honor those who have served, by helping them keep more of their hard-earned money.

Who is eligible? 
All active-duty military, national guard/reservists, and veterans with an honorable or general discharge. Identification will be checked prior to processing.

The fine print. 
Cook County, the Clerk's Office, and the Department of Veterans Affairs offer no guarantees associated with the card to users. Acceptance of the card, and the discounts and incentives offered, are the sole discretion of the participating merchants. Further, issuance of the card is for the program only, and is not considered proof of military or veterans’ status.

Register here for the Military and Veterans Discount Card

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The Clerk's Office is proud to employ and support veterans, and is proud to operate a Veterans Service Office at our Downtown Chicago location.

This means that veterans and their families can avoid the lines and receive private and attentive service in a comfortable environment. Call (312) 603-5788 to make an appointment or to learn more.


Why record your DD-214?

Did you know that veterans can record their DD-214 military discharge certificates with CCRD and receive a copy for free?

No matter what happens, whether it be a tragic fire or a need to quickly retrieve a copy for burial benefits, recording your DD-214 with the Clerk's Office means you will always be able to get a certified copy when you need it.

If you would like to record your DD-214 or would like to get a copy of one (1996 or sooner), just stop by our Downtown Chicago office. If you would like to get a copy of an older DD-214, we ask that you call ahead first so that we can have it waiting for you when you arrive. Some older DD-214s, especially from World War II era, require a hand-search through ledger books and can take some time.

Your Privacy Is Protected

Federal and state law protects the privacy of veterans when it comes to DD-214s, and we have implemented a strict procedure to ensure security.

For new DD-214 recordings, your personal information such as Social Security Number is digitally redacted.

All DD-214s are protected from public view, and are only available to the person named in the document, the named person’s dependents, the county veterans’ service officer, representatives of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, or any person with written authorization from the named person or the named person’s dependents.