Authentic Notaries / Apostilles

An apostille certifies the validity of an Illinois notary public, county clerk, circuit clerk or local registrar. This special certification is accepted by foreign countries as proof that specific documents are official.

Apostilles are issued by the Index Department of the Illinois Secretary of State's office:


Main Office:
Illinois Secretary of State's Office
Index Department
111 E. Monroe
Springfield, IL 62756
(217) 782-7017

Chicago Office (Walk-in):
Illinois Secretary of State's Office
Index Department
17 N. State St.
Suite 1010
Chicago, IL 60602
(312) 814-2067

Authentication process

  1. Before an apostille is issued, the Clerk's office verifies or authenticates the notary public's signature on the document.
  2. The Clerk's office issues a Certificate of Authenticity ($2 per document) verifying that the notary public is in good standing.
  3. The Secretary of State's office issues the apostille.