Registration File Requests

Under state law, complete voter registration information is available in paper form to individuals or groups for election, scholarly, journalistic, political or governmental purposes.

State law dictates that electronic voter registration records be made available only to political committees and government entities for governmental purposes. This is designed to protect sensitive information and keep it confidential.


How to place an order

  • Paper records

Any individual or group may receive – at no charge – printed copies of the precinct lists of registered voters typically used by poll workers on Election Day. These “poll sheets” contain only voters’ names and addresses.

To order poll sheets:

  • Call: (312) 603-0906
  • Visit: Cook County Clerk's Office, 69 W. Washington St., 5th Floor, Chicago

For a fee, government or political groups may receive printed copies of voter records that contain address and voter history information.

Individuals wanting to view, purchase or use this printed information should call (312) 603-0906 to place an order.

  • Electronic records

Electronic files containing address and voter history information are available to political or government organizations only. Eligible groups should call (312) 603-0906 to place an order.

The Clerk's office will process orders for pickup or delivery within three business days of receipt.

To become a political organization eligible to review voter histories, visit the Illinois State Board of Elections website and download a Statement of Organization (D-1).