Polling Place Access

More than 96 percent of the 1,599 suburban Cook County precincts are accessible to disabled voters, outfitted with ramps, elevators and level entrances. Nevertheless, the Clerk's office is continually looking for alternate accessible sites.


Signs located outside every precinct on Election Day indicate if your polling place is accessible. If the main entrance is not accessible, additional signs will alert you to other accessible entrances.

Entering the Polling Place

If you anticipate having difficulty entering your polling place, notify the Clerk's office at least 24 hours in advance to request Election Day assistance. The Clerk's office will arrange to have election judges help you enter the room where voting takes place.

Search online to determine if your polling place is accessible, or call (312) 603-0987.

Curbside Voting

You may request to have election materials brought out to you in your parked vehicle on Election Day. Election judges – one from each party – will provide you with a paper ballot at a specified location just outside the building that houses the polling place.

Please notify the Clerk's office at least a week before Election Day to request curbside voting: