Student Involvement

Speak Up. Your Voice is Your Vote.

Students will play a critical role in this year's elections. Their votes will help determine who leads our nation and their service as poll workers will be critical to our democratic process. Learn how you can get involved and make a difference.

Serve on Election Day on November 8, 2022

The Clerk’s office offers paid positions to students who serve in suburban Cook County polling places. 


High School Juniors and Seniors


College Students



Registering to vote is simple and easy. While there are often registration opportunities on campus, you can take matters into your own hands by registering to vote online or with a mail-in registration form. You can also learn how to get your friends and classmates registered to vote.

Voter qualificationsWhen to re-registerHow do I know I’m registered?Dates and deadlines 


Cast your ballot! Make your voice heard! Voting should be a source of pride for students. can help you find your polling place and preview your ballot.  However you don’t necessarily have to vote on Election Day.  Anyone can vote during early voting or cast a ballot by mail

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CCC - College Brochure
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The benefits of student service
don’t end on Election Day

2,000+ high school and college students served voters on 11.6.2016 and were changed by the experience!


Strengthening Democracy
– By the Numbers:

76% of high school judges said they are more likely to vote after serving

92% of high school judges said serving was a valuable learning experience

73% of college judges said they have more favorable view of public service

93% of college judges said they would be willing to serve voters in the future