Deputy Registrar

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Individuals who serve as deputy registrars play a vital role in the democratic process by registering people to vote.

All deputy registrars working in Illinois are sponsored by a certified organization or state agency and have been trained by a county clerk's office or other election authority.


A Cook County deputy registrar must be:

  • Registered to vote in Cook County
  • Trained by the Clerk's office
  • 18 years old by the upcoming election day

Signing up voters

A recent change in state law now allows deputy registrars to sign up voters anywhere in Illinois — not only the jurisdiction where they live or were trained.

As a deputy registrar, you will verify the identity of the person registering to vote, complete the registration card and return it to one of our designated sites.

Registrars return the completed forms to the Cook County Clerk's office or the nearest township clerk's office within seven days. The Clerk's office then adds the names to the voter rolls and the new voters will each receive a voter identification card in the mail within a few weeks.


To become a deputy registrar, a sponsoring organization certified by the State Board of Elections must submit your name to the Clerk's office. Certified sponsors include community organizations, interest groups, churches, schools, unions, political parties and campaigns and local political organizations.

If you have questions about an organization or want to know which ones are certified, call the Clerk's office at (312) 603-0987.


The Cook County Clerk's Office trains individuals who want to become Deputy Registrars in suburban Cook County at the request of their sponsoring organization.

Participants must attend an online training session and take the Deputy Registrar Oath.

If your bona fide state civic organization would like to sponsor individuals to become Deputy Registrars, please submit a letter of sponsorship to our office stating that your organization would like to sponsor the following individuals.

Please list all names and home addresses of those being sponsored by your organization in the letter.

The letter can be sent to our office via email, fax or US Mail at least one (1) day prior to the desired training date.

Deputy Registrars need to be sponsored by committeemen, local government agencies, labor unions, or bona fide state civic organizations certified by the State Board of Elections.  Click here to email our office to receive the link for the Deputy Registrar Online Training.

Training Manual

Please click here to download a PDF of the deputy registrar training manual.

ID cards and numbers

Once you have been trained, you will issued an official deputy registrar identification card and an ID number. This number MUST be put on all registrations you turn in.


For deputy registrars being recommissioned by their sponsoring organization, click here to download the Deputy Voter Registrar Oath form. The term for recommissioned deputy registrars is from December 1, 2020 to November 30, 2022.


Deputy registrar commissions expire on November 30th of every even-numbered year.


Deputy registrars are strictly forbidden from engaging in electioneering, which includes discussing politics, wearing buttons, handing out literature, or promoting a candidate or cause while signing up voters.


Deputy registrars may register people to vote until the registration deadline — 27 days before an election.

Target voters

Although there are several ways for people to register to vote, some 250,000 qualified individuals (U.S. citizens who are 18 or older) living in suburban Cook County remain unregistered. Those who may need to register include people who have recently moved, changed their name, become U.S. citizens or turned 18.

Deputy registrars can start by signing up friends and neighbors. Village fairs, picnics, religious events and block parties present ideal opportunities to conduct a voter registration event. Ask your organization about setting up a registration table at the next meeting or event.

Plan activities

  • Select a location. Always receive permission before setting up a registration area.
  • Arrange for supplies. Make sure a table and chairs are available.
  • Publicize the activity. You may want to print fliers or write a press release to promote the event. The Clerk's office can supply signs to post the day of the event.


  • Q: Why do I need to be sponsored? Why can't I just sign up and be trained?
  • A: By law, deputy registrars must be sponsored by a state board of elections certified bona fide state labor, civic organization, school or corporation.
  • Q: Do I get paid for being a deputy registrar?
  • A: No, it is a volunteer position.